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Solo exhibition
2021 Golden Car Art Exhibition solicitation exhibition - Taipei

I will apply for 2021 Golden Car Art Exhibition solicitation exhibition. This exhibition gives exhibitors the necessary knowledge and concepts in the implementation of exhibition planning; Golden Car Art Exhibition is a non-commercial artistic creative exhibition Space. This foundation's purpose is to promote youth artists. I look forward to more opportunities for development through this exhibition.

Application period: 2021 annual exhibition (March 2021 to February 2022)

Submit the first-stage written audit materials
Time: July 1st-July 31st, 2020

Through the first stage

Submit one copy of the exhibition plan 
Time: Completed and paid back before August 29, 2019

Second stage interview
Time: September 1st-September 25th, 2020 Make individual arrangements


Writing applications, searching and finding new opportunities ( competitions and open calls) for promoting my work through social media, professional website and networking opportunities

ARTS IN ROME PRIZE  2020  Application Deadline June 30th

Set up art studio 

In order to continue the artist life, I will start to set up my art and design studio in Taipei, and begin operations in November 2020.

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CONTACT: chenyichiao761002@gmail.com

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