​Corridor Exhibition-



YiChiao Chen,

Keir Clyne,

Joana Passos de Almeida


Wimbldon College of Arts,

Corridor of MFA Fine Art Studio

We are a team which is only three people, one goal is that we need to accomplish artworks in a limit time and space, so we need to discuss our ideas quickly and make fast to do what we want to present.


Therefore, we reached a decision which was an approach to dramatically change the space so that we decided to make a considerable colour changing the corridor. Initially, we considered many materials for painting the area such as acrylic, but it may dirty the wall.


Moreover, we may not recover the partition entirely well. We finally decided to use black bin bags filled with air, from floor to ceiling, preventing from dirty the wall. The primary purpose is to build a pressure space for people to feel different experience when they walk through the Corridor exhibition. space had an intensive feeling, especially the smell of plastic, as well as the relationship between the pollution problems of plastic in our living space as to garbage pollution the human specie produce.  


© 2020 copyright Yi Chiao Chen. All rights reserved. 

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