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Light and Shadow
Light has been used as a metaphor for expressing vivid experiences of joy, spiritual insight, and creativity since the 'dawn' of civilization (Zajonc, 1993). Shadows symbolise suspense, uncertainty, and dark magic. But they can also be positive. They can represent relief and protection. But the most overwhelming shadow symbolism is that of secrecy and the unknown. All artists with a different artistic approach reflected their individual and exceptional experience around the theme ‘light and shadow’. 

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Anastasia Markovskaya, Ann Petruckevitch, Charles Eades, Cherry Adam, Clare Chinnery, David Jones, Elainah Demach, Imon Chetia Phukan, Inese Eglite, Janet Stafford, Julie Edwardson, Kay Nyx, Kimberley Bevan, Kobi Walsh, Lewis Andrews, Louisa Pankhurst Johnson, Louise Richards, Marion Gowland, Mira Fernandez, Niki Gandy, Philip Westcott, Pink and grAy, Piotr Kuszynski, Raheleh Jahangard, Rebecca Pedley, Roger Nowell, Ruth Spencer, Sadie Aston, Stanley Greening, Tony Bowen, Vanessa Allen, Yi-Chiao Chen.

CISTA ARTS was founded by Dr Fatemeh Takht-Keshian in 2018. ČISTĀ is the Avestan derivative of the verb Cit, ‘to notice, to understand’, and denotes ‘intuition’ and ‘idea’. Avestan is the ancient Persian language used in the Zoroastrian scripture. A practising artist and curator, Fatemeh has created CISTA ARTS as a conduit to promote the work of artists who address contemporary societal issues and global concerns through their art. CISTA ARTS represents artists whose work transcends geographic borders, and those from the Middle East, and beyond.
CISTA ARTS is an interdisciplinary and transcultural organisation, working with artists, architects, choreographers, art historians, anthropologists, art critics, and other art-related practitioners. 


截圖 2022-11-10 下午2.25.40.png
截圖 2022-11-10 下午2.32.46.png
截圖 2022-11-10 下午2.32.46.png
截圖 2022-11-10 下午2.32.46.png
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