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2021  David Michelangelo International Art Prize,  
           Artistic Merit, Italy

prize italy_工作區域 1.jpg
2019    Honorable Mentions,
The London International Creative Competition


Farmani Group is a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design, and architecture across the globe since 1985. Hossein Farmani is the founder of two non-profit organizations “The Lucie Awards” and “Focus on AIDS” as well as the award-winning VUE magazine, International Photography Awards, Px3 (Prix de la Photographie de Paris), Art For New York, aNet Communications, and more.

Every year LICC panel of established creative luminaries evaluates thousands of exceptional entries across multiple design disciplines. Never has there been such a seamless Segway into the forefront of the global art and design community. LICC brings together the most cutting-edge and innovative artists and designers from around the world onto a single international platform.


Farmani集團是一家領先的組織,自1985年以來就在全球範圍內策劃和推廣攝影,設計和建築。Hossein Farmani是兩個非營利組織“露西獎”和“關注艾滋病”的創始人,並屢獲殊榮 VUE雜誌,國際攝影獎,Px3(巴黎攝影獎),紐約藝術展,aNet Communications等。自2006年開始,「LICC」一直在獎勵世界上藝術方面傑出的人才,致力鼓勵創新與獨特,幫助培養創造力,讓藝術家突破界限。

每年,LICC的知名創意小組都會評估多個學科中的成千上萬個傑出作品。 從未有過如此步入全球藝術和設計界的最前沿。 LICC將來自世界各地的最前沿和創新的藝術家和設計師聚集到一個國際平台上。類別高達11種,來自65個國家的設計愛好者參與這場全球指標性的賽事。


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