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21 century madonna and child

The power of embrace  3 / 2020, Oil on canvas,  100 X 100 CM

I think it is a fine way to paint spiritual soul by painting body. To paint a picture of divine motherly tenderness, free from the bonds of space and time, and also to paint a picture of two persons with particular features and expressions. I adopted the concept of "Madonna Enthroned" of the Virgin Mary sitting on a throne, but I abandon the view of the ladder on the throne because I think that my work which the image of the mother should have no sense of distance for people. From the past to the present, the link between the mother and the child still exists. As a mother, when I embrace my kid, I will feel joyful with a sense of safety. Also, I believe embracing is bidirectional and supportive.  

'If you get simple beauty and nought else, You get about the best thing God invents: That's somewhat: and you'll find the soul you have missed, Within yourself, when you return him thanks.'

- Fra Lippo Lippi by Robert Browning


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