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gold with child 3.9mb.jpg

Gold with child ,1 / 2019,Oil painting  170 X 112 CM


Gold with child , 3 / 2019,Golden motion video  0.52 min 

In order to produce certain sensations, these sensations are in the process of development, not fixed and static. Therefore, they are part of the spiritual world. Also, it can also be done by showing it as being in motion. I was trying an experiment to make a moving image to combine my painting to explore spirituality. 

The first is to use images from dreams or imaginations like the surrealist movement. In my work, I combined the concept of “circulation” with the five elements of China, combining surrealism with the image of my daughter naturally posing in prayer or a natural stretch towards yoga at the age of one (symbol The concept of new life and natural circulation), and then come into the sound of nature (the sound of wind and sand).

With the connection between spirituality and movement, which is very complicated because there is also a spirituality related to tranquillity and calmness, perhaps a continuous cycle of time, or something represented by the image changes with the passage of time, by making the image the way things look at a particular moment. Also, how they attract eye-catching images at specific moments, the purpose is that I am trying to do my works in visual art which have new possibilities.

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