In my art practice, I explore themes such as mother and child, emotions, nature, and abstract through painting, photography, digital art, installation, and video. I explore the changes of natural elements and energy.  The invisible energy comes from the source and is close to eternity. It is extremely calm and without traces. It cannot be accurately described in all human words. Therefore, I try to present it on the easel painting and dynamic art form with abstraction and impression. For me, as in the life of an artist, art has only been self-burning. The inner of my artist life is also in a spiral state, and there is no end in sight. I explore and depict the spirit in the distance and creativity in the reach of art. In my opinion, it seems that only the spirit itself is art. My works explore the ideas behind the relationship with human and natural aspects of consciousness.  I think energy is the presence, and everything is circulation. It is a mysterious power to connect my life and influence my mind. 

'Whether an audience can achieve an emotional or spiritual connection through art? 'As a mother, during my process of getting pregnant and raising two children, I felt the fragility and preciousness of human life. I discuss the relationship between the mother and child to explore the emotional and spiritual connection through art. I believe love is the foundation of our life so that we can build other love on this foundation. I witness the growth of children and incorporate my children into my art practice. I explore the classical religious iconography of mother and child. Yet, I hate separation during the London period. I paint both separation and connection because as a mother, my children are living in a different country.  I reference the idea of mother and child about tenderness; loss, joy, and sadness, emotions which mixed in together. Even, then being able to access your family, what that means, and what it means to be a mother in the 21st century. The feeling of mother and child revealed through artistic creation and imagination to paint my self-portrait, my daughter, and my son. the classical religious iconography of mother and child. ​As a Taiwanese mother in this generation, I want to create Madonna and Child with the Asian style, exploring the gaze and background to discuss the relationship between the mother and child.  Therefore, I use the concept of "transformation "and "hybridization" to explore the idea of race, gender, cultural identity to reflect the complexity of the image in the 21st contemporary world.

In my works, it explores my life including my personal history, perspective the flow, and interlacing of energy. Regarding the circle, it is balancing, generating, influence people with each other in this world. Everything comes from the past, and the future will discover in the present.