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21 century madonna and child

Art Director:  YiChiao,Chen
Costume Design :  Frank Lin 
Photography :  Bennyton Children's Photography

yichiao 21 century madonna and child 6.j
yichiao 21 century madonna and child 1.j

21 century Madonna and Child​


AI Genesis


11.2019 , Photoshop

The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence

In the 21st century, the Madonna wants to read the book (AI Genesis) to learn about AI technology and teach her child how to master the future in the future.

The human problem that AI will cause in the future: Why are humans so valuable? How smart is human beings? If human beings are difficult to make progress, why?


21 century Madonna and Child​ in Time


11.2019 , Photoshop

Belong to this era and the Madonna and Child​.

What do we want to become? What is the future of the Madonna and the Child?

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