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Child with hope.jpg

Child with hope
6 / 2019,Oil painting  162 X 112 CM

This child is my son, who was born 15 days. With a blue colour around the child, the child is hope for the future. Wish in the future, and the child can master the power to a better life. Every mother hopes their child who can have happiness and a shining future. A New World, a child, can find an excellent place for you to tell a new story and let the world direct a new way for everyone.

The concept of child gaze 

"More than any other sort of information, our eyes seek out signs of subjects – that is, things that look at us, even as we look at them. Newborn children respond to the likeness of two eyes and a mouth in preference to any other type of image. Faces are literally the first things in their world.  In this sense, subjects – of which faces are the chief sign and indication – are the primal, biologically crucial business of visual representation. We need to know about them as a matter of love, lust, company and fear. " by Julian, Bell.

For me, I communicate with the child's eyes. I can understand his emotions. For the newborn, although he does not express, I can try to understand his needs through the eyes. With my angles to convey my feelings for the child, explore him in my eyes from my perspective, and the moment when my child was staring at me.

According to Jacques Lacan( French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist), the baby's identity consciousness arises from the understanding of the interdependence between subject and object. Later scholars developed it into the concept of personal identity and other, pointing out that the establishment of own identity is inseparable from the other In context, it believed that the status comes from both the individual and the relationship with the other. The roles of oneself and the other can also be transformed.


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