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21 century madonna and child- Love is weight but it is sweet 

10 / 2019, Oil on canvas,  120 X 90 CM

The practice of artistic creation has the meaning of reflecting the context of the times.

I do not know how long I can carry my child on my back. When I watched him growing up, taking him and protecting him, this made my heart full of joy. Love is weight, but it is sweet. From the past to the present, it seems that we can see that maternal love exists at different times whether it is the Madonna and the child in the West, or the Madonna and the child in the East. 

I believe love is the foundation in our life so that we can build other love on this foundation. I witness the growth of children and incorporate my children into my art practice. As a mother artist, my practices do not merely emphasize gentleness. On the contrary, if you try to express "the tenderness of the sacred mother", I think it cannot show or explain the whole meaning.

Whether human tenderness is itself something divine?

What is the difference between tenderness experienced as earthly and tenderness experienced as religious?  Perhaps the answer seems to be that the first one is to appease the heart and the charm, and the second is to be awe-inspiring and to feel stable.

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