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Time travel in the history of art into contemporary art

Photography x Painting 

21 century madonna and child

Possibility of crossing time and space


With the concepts of "transformation "and "hybridization", I make use of the iconic Western classical image and through the addition of the Asian character in the composition to reflect the 21st century in contemporary art.

Seeing the form and time records of art from historical paintings
When historical paintings supervised by contemporary consciousness challenge contemporary art

Taiwanese of Madonna and Child in 21st-century 

Taiwanese of Madonna and Child with Hakka Flower

6 / 2020,  oil on canvas, 67 X 89 CM 


The use of crossing the culture 


Many Madonna and Child of the paintings present the culture of thousands of years ago. How to share the cultural heritage that still exists, I explore the hybrid of this generation of culture. To combine my identity, my culture, as a Taiwanese, my husband is also a Hakka. Therefore, I want to create a 21-century Madonna and Child with Hakka Flower Pattern of Taiwanese elements to reflect the complexity of the image in our contemporary world. 

2020-06-29 11.06.41.jpg

Taiwanese of Madonna and Child with religious freedom

6 / 2020,  oil on canvas , 67 X 100 CM 

Taiwan Democracy and religious freedom 

Taiwan is a vital value of a democratic society which includes inclusive and diverse religious beliefs. Also, Taiwan is one of the countries with the highest degree of religious freedom in the Indo-Pacific region. As a Taiwanese, under this system of religious freedom, I want to explore the relationship between Taiwan's democratic ideology and religious freedom - With the religious background of the Madonna and Child, embracing the concept of religious freedom in Taiwan.  In Chinese society, Taiwan is a system that encompasses multiple cultures and values ​​religious liberty and freedom of speech.

I think that "If the use of art to remember life will become a sin, then culture may break down." Therefore, I believe that to create unique culture and artworks, there must be an environment that allows free expression and free creation; The mission is to think and breakthrough barriers and lead human civilization to a higher level. "The relationship between religion, culture and art is also interlocking, and it is a part of our life. Tolerance of diverse religious beliefs, culture and art is essential for a democratic society. 

This work is inspired by Raphael. The Solly Madonna by the Italian renaissance artist Raphael was painted somewhere between 1500 and 1504. The virgin Mary is reading a book. I took The Solly Madonna as a reference, and made such a gesture that I saw, and paint the book of Taiwan Democracy and religious freedom with painting. When I saw Solly Madonna painting, I guessed that Madonna should be reading a story about the Bible. The beginning of creation in the Old Testament, now in the 21st century, speech freedom is changing the development of human society, preparing to open up a new century, so I put The two images are combined to respond to theThe Solly Madonna painting.

21 century Madonna and Child​ in the Orient

6 / 2020,  photoshop for Giclee Printing

Crossing the culture of thousands of years ago

From the past and nowadays, in the 21st century, the Madonna and Child, with Chinese painting of the culture of thousands of years ago. How to share the cultural heritage that still exists, I explore the loss of this generation of culture.


The use of a combination across times

Transforming the concept in my art practice. I added the concept of Oriental elements, Travelers Among Mountains and Streams. One of the treasures of the town hall of the Palace Museum in Taipei, the spatial expression of the Travelers Among Mountains and Streams and the towering central peak in the middle of the picture, which is a monument is a spiritual sign a square-folded ink line outlines the whole frame. The raindrops simulate the texture of northern soil and rock. The first-line waterfall that pours down on the central peak becomes the right blank and shows the sense of distance. Just separated the distant view and the middle (near) view. The nodules of the branches visible in the middle scene shortened the gap between the intermediate stage and the audience. The central mountain pushed farther, and the pivotal scene is closer. Under the action of the two, the hill and viewer separated a sense of distance, which is difficult to measure. The division method of the principal peak in two-thirds of the picture is close to the golden section that Leonardo found during the Renaissance 500 years later. This idea came from Da Vinci ’s The Virgin of the Rocks. In response to Da Vinci ’s work, and again, in order to create an Asian sense, the background picture integrated with the background of ancient ink painting, and then the 21st-century mother and child series of creations are incorporated into it to create the fusion and complexity of contemporary art images.

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