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To see the light of the hope in the dark

85 x 50x 3 CM, mixed materials ,installation, 10.2019

People who are imprisoned, the heart that wants to break free, the exit that is extended (the light), people wish to find hope. To see the light of the hope in the dark, get salvation


Idea and concept


When the pupil of the human eye sees the light in the dark, it will produce an aperture. In this way, the concept of the aperture and the concept of the circle are used to bring out the golden light between the dark black and the indigo, and the response can be seen in the darkness.

Device art intervention space


In the underground gallery of the church, in response to this historical space (explores the meaning behind the word 'immurement' and the history of the crypt beneath London's St Pancras Parish Church)

The gold nuggets are laid on the steps, and the nuggets symbolize freedom

( Freedom is as precious as the gold )

For the souls that have been injured in the past history, the imprisoned soul can be guided the footprint of the hope from light, and hopes that the audience can see the light of the church window step by step, to guide the exit, find freedom.

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