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 Spirituality x Natural Elements

Finding the possibility of artistic interlacing Painting v.s Digital Art


Gold Fire ,11 / 2018, 40 x 30 cm  oil painting

Spiritual Awakening | Elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire

The fire element is the central fire and the external fire, which can activate the internal fire. It continually provides energy to your cave of life and inner fire. It is also responsible for purifying and burning off everything. That is unnecessary-various residues left by the water element. Water may be polluted, the ground element may have residual energy, and the wind element may also purify the subtle body move some energy. The sacred fire will burn all these residues.
When the elements of water, fire, wind and earth are connected, it often causes mutual destruction of water and fire, fire and wind. For example, the wind can both promote the fire and extinguish the fire, and the earth element is the link connecting these elements.

The invisible energy comes from the source and is close to eternity. It is extremely calm and without traces. It cannot be accurately described in all human words. Therefore, I tried to present it on the easel painting and dynamic art form

As in the life of an artist, art has only been self-burning. There has never been such a person in this era. Therefore, the inner life of the artist is also in a spiral state, and there is no end in sight. Thus, art in this era only depicts the spirit in the distance and creativity in the reach of art.In my opinion, it seems that only the spirit itself is art. 

Fire Sea 

3 / 2019,   oil painting , 100x37 cm / video, 1.02min

fire sea web 3.9.jpg

The cycle of fire energy

06/2019, 100 x 37 cm  oil painting

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