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The rise of female power│New era women

Photography of images in newspapers, periodicals, posters, advertisements, and other social media has continuously appeared in daily life and different times, which has profoundly affected the creation of me. I use “seeing” photographs from prints and reassembled them with other images and text to form a new themed artwork to reflect this time.

"No matter what your status is, you can change and build a better self at any time." --Madonna, the representative of the world's female power

21 century Madonna and Child
​ in TIME

​11.2019 , Photoshop

21 century Madonna and Child​

​5.2020 , Photoshop


Belong to this era and the Madonna and Child​. What do we want to become? What is the future of the Madonna and the Child? 

Women in the new era refer to the feminism in which women today are free from traditional patriarchal society; advocating equality between the sexes—a derivative of the American feminist movement. New era women in the modern era keep their jobs after entering a marriage. Emphasis on independence, self-confidence, freedom from marriage, family, good education, economic autonomy, and freedom of love. So, we often can see excellent and outstanding women in the magazine. It seems to be a superwoman—more mature character. In terms of feelings, women are brave in pursuit of happiness, does not care about traditional restraints, loves herself, and treats herself well.

If gender is not a framework, why do mothers always feel that they have no choice?

There are many dogmas that women are expected to obey in this society. Many norms and frameworks constrain our thinking and our desires. Life has never been one way, so I think that women have different looks and possibilities. Every woman is worth pursuing the life she wants and the future she wants.

About Cover Story 


The cover design of Time Magazine, with distinctive red borders, is a registered trademark worldwide. Since its inception, Times has adopted "Cover News" or "Cover Story" as its editorial policy. It treats the most important news of the week as "Cover". The principle of using portraits or photos as covers is also an important feature.
Emphasize the photo illustrations of "Cover Characters" and "News People" and give an in-depth introduction.

Time Magazine was launched in London on March 3, 1923. It has been published for more than eighty years and is the world's first newsweekly with the most extended history.  Because of his "cover" approach, using portraits or photos as the cover, plus Time magazine reports have historical significance and catch up with pressing international issues so that I will integrate its characteristics (time and history) into this series works.

21 century Madonna and Child​ 
V.S AI Genesis

​11.2019 , Photoshop

The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence

In the 21st century, the Madonna wants to read the book (AI Genesis) to learn about AI technology and teach her child how to master the future in the future.The human problem that AI will cause in the future: Why are humans so valuable? How smart is human beings? If human beings are difficult to make progress, why?

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